Hi welcome to Photo selling Job, In this job you can earn lot’s of money via doing work from home, just read this page to learn more about the job, hi guys We are PTJ and we provide free job for educated or uneducated peoples who want to earn money from home.

Especially our Indian woman who want to work from home she can apply for this job, this is a free job and you can do it verry easily just need to click images from your smartphone and start earning money by selling thoise images.

Image markete is a verry big market you can search about this job on google there are many websites who made millions by just selling the images, and you can also do this, just use your smartphone clicking some creative images, and start earning money.

Photo selling Job
Photo selling Job

How to do this work?

To do this work first of all you need to connect us/our company, to contact with us please fill the job form which is available below, here you can enter your first name last name, your age, Your qualification, Your adress, then click on the submit button, That’s it you are succesfully applyed for the job.

Now after getting the job you need to start clicking the images, you can click any type of photos, no matter what you are clicking just click any photo to show your creativity, then show that photo to company if company agreed with that pohoto then you can sell it and earn money doing work from home.

How much I earn for photo selling?

  • On average, a professional photographer earns 20rs to 100rs per uploaded photo. These are photographers that take photos with the sole purpose of uploading them to multiple stock photo sites and making a living doing so.
  • You can get highest commissions in the stock photo industry, giving you up to 10,000rs per royalty-free sale.
  • To maximise your earnings by selling stock photos, you should regularly upload new photos for a long time. Stock photo agencies’ algorithms favour consistent uploaders.
  • After you stop uploading content, you can expect a slight decrease in sales. To keep the sales coming, you need to keep uploading new photos, otherwise your earnings will gradually come to zero.

How much can you make selling stock photos?

Well this is depend on you how much photos you can click in one day, this means you can sell unlimited photos and you can earn unlimited money from that.