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Well, I have talked about SEO many times before, but after sharing so many videos on YouTube or providing knowledge in our group I felt that bloggers are do not understand the real SEO strategy, so again in this post, I am going to share “10 best steps for How To Improve SEO Rankings” which can improve your website performance.

Hi, guys, my name is Viswanath Dhinda and I am a full-time blogger or part-time YouTuber I make many websites since 2014 and gain a lot of knowledge of blogging or digital marketing, our last website is Thedailywebsite become very famous but I sell it now because I love challenges, and to rank a new fresh website is a very big challenge. And that’s why we need to do SEO on our website.

But everyone talking about just basic things like making a professional website, getting a better web hosting, Buy a TLD, etc, etc, but the real things the real content are very rare and are only available on the Guideclass website, so let’s jump on to the next parra and learn 10 best SEO methods.

Responsive design

Well, this is a very common thing that your website needs a better design, and to make a better web layout you need to learn web design, I saw many websites on google which is so irritating, if your website layout is not attractive or not supported for all devices then this is a very big problem in SEO.

To create a Responsive design you need to use a better theme or CSS platform, blogger.com is one of the best free platforms but this is limited so go with a fully flexible platform like WordPress, or use a premium THEME to create a Responsive design layout.

This is a very normal thing in SEO steps but I think new bloggers doing this mistake many times due to less money.

Mark my word >> Invest can give you return, Invest can give you a failure.

Top searching Niche (How To Improve SEO Rankings)

Everyone talking about low competition keywords, many YouTubers said if we start work on the Low competitive niche then we can succeed in a short time, but they do not share the actual knowledge, a low competition keyword can have 100 search volumes monthly. This means if we rank on this keyword on the top page still our earning is 0 because no traffic no earning.

10 best steps for How To Improve SEO Rankings
10 best steps for How To Improve SEO Rankings

If you are using AdSense to earn money online then this is very difficult to earn 100$ in working with a low competition keyword, better is to work with a high search nich or low competitive keywords, which means the niche can have 100% competition but the keyword that you work can be low CD.

This is quite difficult to understand new bloggers can’t understand keyword researching and 90% of bloggers are using free keyword tools for getting a low CD keyword, but these all are not providing the real keyword result, Free keyword tools provide old search result of the keywords so please don’t use them. Better is go with a paid tool or you can use Google keyword planner toll.

To more understand keyword researching please watch this video below.

Featured snippet

Now, this is so complicated for a new blogger who wants to make money online by creating content on his/her website.

Feature snippet is a way to get top search ranking on google and it helps to improve website SEO, but people don’t understand how to add this feature on their website or posts?

Some people manually add this using SEO plugins like rank math or Yoast SEO, but this didn’t help you to improve the on-page SEO.

Because people don’t know what is the need of a keyword and they add the wrong Feature snippet due to this google start D-rank or deindex that post or page.

Better is use the featured snippet aromatically or add the right feature snippet, to know what is the best snippet data for your post or page you need learn blogging.

For example, if your post is targeted to a  navigation keyword then it needs an article or course snippet, and if you share any product then it should be a product feature snippet.

Also, there are some additional things to add in a post that can help your post. to complete the SEO and rank on top position. To know more click here.

Video Rich data

As i said you need to add right Snippet data to a post or page and you need to add additional information to you post.

And if your post has a video content inside it then definitely you can use a video-rich snippet to understand google robots better.

10 best steps for How To Improve SEO Rankings
10 best steps for How To Improve SEO Rankings

This can helps to google bots to know what your video is and where it needs to show.

but remember do not add wrong information like title description, etc. Write the correct title or URL to target a video to a particular keyword or niche.

And video can give you rank on Google if your website is some video conversation category like making food, Statutes, teaching, etc. Then it definitely helps to rank your post in the google search engine.

Long data/post

Many new bloggers just join blogging after watching some YouTube videos, ther intention was just to earn money online in a short period because they don’t have any job or maybe they lost their job.

I want to inform you that blogging is not just an easy way to earn money this is also a business and it need time or investment.

But new people think that just create a blog using a free platform like blogger and sharing some information from other sources and boom we can earn lots of money from it.

As you shaw in many videos on YouTube, some YouTubers are share their earnings and trust me it is huge.

And this is motivate to a person to enter into the blogging field, but due to a lack of knowledge, he/she can’t succeed in this.

So you need to provide sufficient data means writing detailed post of a keyword, first understand the keyword needs and then make some headings or people asking questions, then write in details provide sufficient images or links to understand the post better.

This can help your users to understand your content or spend more time on your website. A long post can help you to improve your SEO or bid your competitor.

Sufficient media

As i said you need to add sufficient data in a post and media is also a part of this. We visited many websites in a day and are stopped when we saw an attractive image.

And images can attract your user to read the post more also images can improve the post SEO, so make images if a heading need it.

Image can say anything and you should take advantage of this, but new bloggers ask me many times how I make images because my images are always attractive.

If you want to make attractive images also for free of cost then you can check out canva.com this is one of the best online tools to create short videos or images.

Add images in posts that improve your SEO quality.

Core vital Improvement

Now, this is the most and commonly provided tips by successful bloggers or Youtubers that you need a better server to improve your website performance.

But many course providers don’t know why this is needed for us they just making videos just watching other YouTubers videos.

10 best steps for How To Improve SEO Rankings
10 best steps for How To Improve SEO Rankings

Google has already announced that website core vital structure can improve ranking it means a better server can give you the way to success.

There are many server companies available in the market and every server company said they provide the best services, but but this is not correct.

If you want to get a better server then you should go with a trusted company I always recommend Hostarmada for pro bloggers and Namecheap for new bloggers.

Better web hosting can improve your website speed or user experience, also google start ranking your posts if your website’s core vital structure is good.

Sometimes low quality servers down the website or crash web pages in this case you can not rank on any keywords. Better is to go with a better server or make a better website.

Create the best layouts.

To create a better web layout you need to learn web design, if you are using Elementor page builder to make pages of the website then this is very difficult to make that page responsive.

If you are a beginner then it is completed so batter is create your website from a web developer or you can use default web pages from the theme site.

Long-Tail Keywords

10 best steps for How To Improve SEO Rankings
10 best steps for How To Improve SEO Rankings

Unfortunately, people are not able to get the right knowledge. They always go with shortcuts, they watch those videos that say you can rank in 1 month using copy past work or automation news site.

Add keyword targeting is a big job for new people they always want to work on those keywords that have huge search volume.

People don’t research if that keyword is beneficial or not, and due to lack of knowledge, new bloggers start some non-beneficial categories like wallpaper, shairy, etc.

But if you want to rank on google or create a trusted website to earn money online then you should work on long-tail keywords in the initial days.

This can help your website to quickly rank or complete the SEO structure of a post or page.

Multiple targeting

If you are using rank math plugin or Any other paid SEO tool for post writing then definitely you have more keywords to target for one post.

Now the question is why you should target multiple keywords? This is because of search changes in the future.

See google is a search engine and here public searches for anything and day by day search keywords are changing by the public.

So if someone changes a keyword searching your post is never get out from the search result. Also, your post is targeted to multiple keywords so google bots can understand better what your post is and where it needs to rank.

So target multiple keywords in one single post to better search ranking or improve your web SEO.

Incoming Backlinks

Now backlinks are piller of our website if a website has more backlinks then it ranks on the first position on google without any problems.

High-quality backlinks can make your website trusted in front of google so that you need to create backlinks after few days.

10 best steps for How To Improve SEO Rankings
10 best steps for How To Improve SEO Rankings

This is a very difficult job to create backlinks from other sites because no one can recommend you in starting days.

If your website start ranking on google then it can get backlinks for free but to rank the website you need backlinks from some high-quality websites, and to do this you need to understand backlinks.

In this case, backlinks are rare in today’s time some websites sell it with a high amount, but if you think that you can buy backlinks from any website and start ranking on top then you are wrong.

Create backlinks by yourself purchasing backlinks is harmful for your website, if your website has low quality backlinks then google can start de-indexing your site from the search results.

So now the question is how to create backlinks? To understand this tum please read this post.


In this post, I add some information about SEO and I hope this helps you to understand to improve your website SEO, if you think that we add any wrong information then you can contact us using the comment box if your thoughts are right then we remove that tips from this post, and yes if you like this post then please do a free share with your friends, THANK YOU.